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Recover photos after different photo loss scenarios.

Recover photos from Memory cards, Cameras and PC.


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Photo Recovery Software




Types of Photo Loss

The demand for digital cameras has gone up by a large number in recent times. The main factor behind this can be attributed to the low cost of the digital cameras, which has made it more affordable for the common man. Other than this, the ease of use has also contributed in a great way towards popularity of the digital camera.


Due to the digital components involved in digital cameras, loss of photos from digital cameras is more than loss of photos from the primitive cameras that make use of optical films. Loss of photos can occur from three sources, and they can be summarized as follows,


  • Photo loss in memory card Most of the digital cameras make use of flash memory cards for storage of photos. The photos might get lost or deleted from these memory cards, due to improper unplugging of the card from the card reader or due to reformatting of the memory card.
  • Photo loss in the camera Sometimes, the photos stored in the internal memory of the camera might get deleted or lost due to accidental deletion or due to software corruption of the camera.
  • Photo loss from the PC The most common case of loss of photos occurs after the photos have been transferred to the PC from the camera. The loss occurs usually due to a virus attack, power surge, malware etc.
  • Photo loss in iPhoto library Photos may be lost while importing them to iPhoto software for editing and sharing or get deleted due to corrupted iPhoto software. In this case, you can recover deleted images from iPhoto library using effective photo recovery software.


Whichever the reason for photo loss, the user need not get anxious about loss of his photos, as all the lost/deleted photos can be recovered, if the user can react quickly to the photo loss scenario and act accordingly by taking the necessary precautions. Photo Recovery Software (Windows) software is a powerful Photo recovery tool supports recovery of photos from memory cards, fixed hard drives, external hard drives and can also recover deleted pictures from Transcend USB drive.


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