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Deleted Picture Retrieval from PC

There are two ways to delete a picture on a PC. First, delete the picture from the location where it is present and it goes to the recycle bin. If the picture is present in the recycle bin, it can be restored very easily but if it is deleted from there itself or it is deleted permanently (shift+Del), then how will you retrieve pictures deleted from a personal computer?. Is that file recoverable? Answer is yes, of course we can recover pictures deleted or lost by using photo recovery software. File deletion in PC’s is very often sometimes by mistake we format the memory and then realizes that there was a file we wanted to keep.

A common misconception in peoples mind is that when we delete the picture it will be permanently gone. But in reality it remains unharmed until and unless it is not overwritten. How it is possible? Whenever you delete any picture it deletes only the reference pointer pointing to that picture but the picture remains as it is in its location. The space occupied by this picture marked as available and whenever a new picture comes then system scans only the files in the memory which don’t have a pointer to pointing them and overwrite that file only. So whenever your picture accidentally gets deleted then the first thing you have to do is you should stop using the system. Then download photo recovery software so that you can recover back your deleted pictures. What the software does is, it scans the whole memory where the pictures are located and search only those pictures which don’t have a pointer. After successful scanning it shows all the deleted pictures in front of you. Using this software to recover images from flash card also with ease.
You can use the recovery software to recover deleted and lost pictures from both Mac and Windows operating system. This software works on advanced recovery algorithm and can recover deleted images from recycle bin, pictures, video files of all formats from USB card, hard drive, iPod and SD card. It can recover deleted pictures from iPhoto library as well. This software supports recovery of pictures from both file system HFS+ and HFSX, & NTFS and FAT on Mac and Windows. It is also useful to restore RAW NEF photo files from professional digital cameras of different makes.


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Simple steps to retrieve pictures from PC:

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of photo recovery software. Run the software by double click on the icon and launch the Home Page. Select "Recover Photos" option.

Retrieve deleted pictures from a PC - Home Window

Figure A. Home Window


Step 2: Next window will prompt you with two options "Fast Photo Recovery" and "Advanced Photo Recovery" then click on "Next".


Retrieve deleted pictures from a PC - Select  Photo Recovery option

Figure B. Select Photo Recovery option


Step 3: In the next page software will displayed all the detected drive. Select the drive from which you have the deleted the picture and click on "Next".


Retrieve deleted pictures from a PC - Select the Drive

Figure C: Select the Drive


Step 4: If you know the signature of deleted file then select the file type otherwise you can skip this step.


Retrieve deleted pictures from a PC - Select file according to their signature

Figure D: Select file according to their signature


Step 5: After successful scanning of the pictures you can see the two type of file view "Data View" and "File Type View".


Retrieve deleted pictures from a PC - View of Recovered Photos

Figure E: View of Recovered Photos


Step 6: You can make a preview of the picture by built-in preview option and if you are happy then activate the trial version and save the pictures.


Retrieve deleted pictures from a PC - Preview Photos and Save

Figure F: Preview Photos and Save


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