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Recovery of Pictures from Kingston Memory Card

How to restore deleted & lost pictures from corrupted or formatted memory card ?

The safest option is to make use of Memory Card Photo Recovery Software that can recover even raw photo formats from your Kingston memory card.


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Photo Recovery from Kingston Memory Card

Kingston memory card is the most commonly used storage device for storing a large amount of media files including pictures, music & video files. As these cards are widely utilized for transferring data from one device to another, say from one PC to another PC, they become more susceptible to corruption. As a result of which, you may sometimes lose your memorable picture files that you stored on it after capturing from digital cameras or camcorders. There are different ways in picture files can be lost from the corrupted or damaged Kingston memory card. However, with the help of a proper recovery software, you can recover photos from memory card after it gets corrupted or even after format.

The memory card picture recovery software is one such utility developed by some of the recovery industry experts, keeping in mind the data loss scenarios related to Kingston memory cards. The software scans your memory card for lost & deleted pictures along with other media files and restores a single bit of data after the accomplishment of scanning process. It has a built-in signature search option that helps in restoring pictures of various formats including the raw photo formats supported by different types of digital cameras, camcorders and professional DSLRs. Just click here to know the capability of this tool to recover JPEG and JPG photos along with other popular file formats like TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc. It supports restoration of pictures on several digital cameras, of which some popular ones are mentioned here along with their supported photo formats:

  • Canon : CR2, CRW
  • Nikon : NEF
  • Sony : SR2, ARW
  • Olympus : ORF
  • Minolta : MRW
  • Sigma : X3F
  • Fujifilm : RAF

The most common mistake committed be many of us is the deletion of pictures using “Shift+Delete” key combination while accessing the Kingston memory card on a personal computer. Upon realizing the mistake after using this method of file deletion, it will be very difficult to recover accidentally deleted pictures without using a recovery software. The exciting feature of the photo recovery software is that it facilitates you to preview a recovered picture file, thus you can evaluate the recovery result of this tool before purchasing its registered version. You can make use of this tool in different data loss instances. The images & other files also get deleted when you format your Kingston memory card after it gets severely corrupted due to virus infection that had damaged its file system.

When you connect your memory card to PC using a card reader, the possibility of a data loss is high due to some reasons. It has the potential to recover photos from flash card, SDHC & SDXC card, CF card and various other types of memory cards used in mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, music players, personal computers, etc. Go right here in order to grasp complete knowledge about this reliable recovery toolkit. While viewing pictures or transferring data between card & PC, if you eject the card from a card reader, it may result in loss of photos stored on the card.

You will get a similar result if your computer reboots repeatedly or shut down suddenly while memory card is in use. The memory card picture recovery software is the safest option you can make use of, in such unfortunate scenarios. The software comes inbuilt with powerful scanning engine that scans the Kingston memory card in order to identify the file type of deleted or lost photos and then by the use of thier unique file extension it restores the pictures. The Mac edition of this software can be used to recover deleted images from iPhoto library used to edit, organize and upload photos over the internet.


Carry out the steps explained here to restore pictures from Kingston memory card:


Step a: After launching the tool, choose “Recover Photos”, as illustrated in Fig a.

Restore Pictures from Kingston Memory Card - Choose Recover Photos module

Fig a: Choose Recover Photos


Step b: Upon selecting any of the recovery options, choose your Kingston memory card from a list of physical drives, as illustrated in Fig b. Then, click “Next”.

Restore Pictures from Kingston Memory Card  - Choose your Kingston Memory Card

Fig b: Select Kingston Card


Step c: Choose picture formats you want to recover and click “Next”, as illustrated in Fig c.

Recover Photos from Transcend SD Card  - Select the Photo formats to recover

Fig c: File Format Selection


Step d: A new window gets displayed showing a list of recovered files, as illustrated in Fig d. Right-click on a photo to “Preview” it prior to purchasing the licensed version of the software.

Restore Pictures from Kingston Memory Card  - Data View of Recovered Photos

Fig d: Retrieved Pictures list


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