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Recover pictures from formatted Mac volumes


Recover deleted or lost photos even after formatting, re-formatting Mac volumes / partitions



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Photo Recovery Software




Recover photos from Mac volumes


Mac OS X is an Operating System that has its own niche among its users, because it is easy-to-use, fast, and reliable. It makes use of file Systems such as HFS, HFS+ and HFSX in order to manipulate the stored data and organize them in a systematic manner. Hard disk can be further segmented into logical division called volumes. Though this operating system is reliable and offers so many useful features, data loss from Mac machines occurs due to various reasons. Have you unknowingly formatted one of your Mac volumes and lost all the vital information like precious videos and pictures??Are you the one worried about the valuable lost pictures? Just be calm, you can go for photo recovery tool in order to recover pictures from formatted Mac volumes and this tool can also be used as Mac digital photo recovery program.

Apart from accidental formatting the Mac volumes, there are some of the other factors that are accountable for loss of pictures from Mac volumes, just take a quick look.

Usual causes of losing data from Mac volumes:

  • Intentional formatting of Mac volume in order to make it free from viruses mighht result in loss of photos and other stored files if you have formatted the volume if you have not taken backup of important important files.
  • Connecting any external drive for file transfer process and abruptly ejecting by mistake would also cause loss of files by making the data inaccessible. The device could be digital camera of Cannon, Nikon, Olympus, etc. Check this out to know how this tool can actually recover images from Canon digital camera, Nikon, Pentax and many other brands.
  • Generation of various system errors because of some unknown reason would corrupt the device making the device unusable leading to data loss.
  • Bad sector created on the Mac hard disk due to occurrence of sudden power outages which will not let the user to access the files saved on the Mac volume resulting in loss of photo files stored on that specific volume.
  • Other reasons such as corruption in Apple Partition map, disk initialization, MBR or volume header corruption, catalog file corruption, etc. also damages the volume thereby making the data unreadable causing data loss.

By using our rescue toolkit you can recover deleted or lost photos due to any of such reasons from Mac and other storage devices like memory cards, iPods, external drives, etc. To recover images from SDHC card, XD card and CF card, you can utilize this software.

After losing pictures, most of the people think that their photos including other files are gone forever and lose their hopes. However, this is not the case. In Mac OS X, when a picture is deleted or the files are lost by emptying the trash then only the file name and folder information will be erased by the system i.e. only the pointers to the files are lost. But the pictures are still present on the same memory slot of the hard drive and can be rescued by using our tool if they are not overwritten by any new photo file. This recovery program has the capability to recover deleted photos from iPhoto library just in few clicks of your mouse.

Also, if the Mac hard drive is formatted / reformatted, the file catalog is permanently deleted and thus recovering pictures by their name and directory location is not possible, it requires the help of Mac digital photo recovery software. Mac photo recovery utility is capable of recovering deleted, formatted, lost photos, audio, video and other media files from Mac machines. It supports recovery of various popular photo and RAW image file formats like CRW, CR2, and NEF etc. Ability to recover pictures from formatted / re-formatted and corrupted Mac volumes. You can make use of this tool to recover erased pictures from Transcend USB drive, memory card and FireWire drive also.

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You can follow the below steps, to recover all the pictures, audio, video and other files that are lost after formatting Mac OS X volumes.

Step 1: Launch Picture Recvoery software, by double clicking on application icon from the Applications folder. The main screen appears as shown in the Figure 1.

Photo Recovery Software - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Sceen

Step 2: Select the formatted volume / partition from the list of drive(s) from which you need to recover photos, and then click on "Next" button or double click on the selected Mac volume to continue as shown in Figure 2

Photo Recovery Software - Select drive

Figure 2: Select Formatted Volume

Step 3: Once you click "Next" button, the software displays a list of file types, you can select image file types that you would like to recover. All the photo file types will be selected by default. Click on "Recover" button as shown in Figure 3

Photo Recovery Software - Select file type

Figure 3: Select image file types


Step 4: Once the scanning process finishes, the recovered pictures will be displayed in a data tree format. Click on "Save" button to save all the recovered photos as shown in Figure 4


Photo Recovery Software - Found files and  folders

Figure 4: View recovered pictures


Step 5: You can preview the photos before saving them using "Preview" option . You can specify the destination location to save recovered pictures and click on Save button


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For Leopard (10.5) and
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Download Photo Recovery software for Mac

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users

Download Photo Recovery software for Mac