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Recovery of Pictures from Transcend SD Card

Have your photos got deleted from SD card due to accidental deletion or virus intrusion?

Efficient Photo recovery software to restore deleted/lost pictures from SD card

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Photo Recovery Software




Recover photos from Transcend SD Card using Photo Recovery Tool

Pictures are the best medium which is preferred by most of the people in order to remember their life time moments. These pictures can be captured by making use of digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and many other devices. These digital gadgets use memory card to save the clicked photos. Memory card can be of various types like SD card, SDHC card, XD card, etc. Among these SD card are highly utilized as it offers high storage capacity and is cost effective. SD memory cards are available in different brands such Transcend, Kingston, Olympus, etc. Though it is widely used, still there is a chance of losing pictures and other data files from your Transcend SD card.

Photos may get deleted or can go missing from your Transcend SD card in various miserable instances and in such situations, you need a proper recovery tool that can restore back all your important photos from the corrupt or damaged SD card. The photo recovery tool is the best recovery tool which performs rigorous scanning and completely restore deleted images from SD card and can even carry out lost photo recovery from Transcend SD cards just in few steps. It has received several accolades from the recovery organizations & professionals for the efficient recovery of lost & deleted pictures from different types of media storage devices.

This photo recovery tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista & Windows XP operating systems along with Windows Servers 2003 & 2008. Apart from recovery on Windows OS, this software also supports recovery on Mac OS X like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc and can recover pictures from formatted Mac volumes with ease. It makes use of sophisticated scanning techniques to scan each bit of your Transcend SD card for the photos that are lost or get deleted due to some sort of corruption in SD card. Visit here to learn more about this tool.

This picture recovery utility works well in almost all the data loss instances that results in the loss of your photos from the Transcend SD card. When you connect the SD card to your personal computer in order to access the photos stored on the card and use “Shift+Delete” key combination unintentionally, this may result in deletion of photos that can be recovered only with the help of a recovery software as files deleted in this manner will bypass the recycle bin. The software makes use of specific built-in algorithms that can identify the photos on the basis of their file formats or signatures. It can recover photos of almost all the file formats including popular photo formats like JPEG & JPG as well as raw photo formats captured by professional DSLR cameras. It supports recovery on different digital cameras when photos get deleted accidentally from the camera or due to virus infection, the software can restore pictures from Canon digital camera, Sony camera, Nikon, Olympus camera and many other digital cameras & camcorders.

It guarantees complete photo recovery from the Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, Sony and many other brands of SD card when it gets corrupted due to virus intrusion, improper system shut down when SD memory card is connected to the computer in order to transfer files between computer and SD card or vice versa, incorrect removal of SD card from the card reader when read/write process is active on the SD card, etc.. Hop over here to know how this photo recovery software has the potentiality to undelete pictures from formatted memory card, various types of USB flash drives, FireWire drives and even iPods when photos get deleted from these multimedia storage devices as a direct consequence of the formatting process.

And, it can restore pictures from hard drive types such as SATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. This much-accoladed image recovery tool can also be used to recover deleted photos from iPhoto library when the pictures get deleted due to a damage in iPhoto database or during the transfer of photos between iPhoto library and any storage device including Transcend SD card. Go the given website to extract additional information.

Follow simple steps to get back images from Transcend SD card

You can download the demo version of this software and carry out the uncomplicated steps mentioned below to evaluate the recovery results of this tool:

Step I: Select “Recover Photos” from the main software interface shown in Fig I. Then, select either "Recover Lost Photos"; or "Recover Deleted Photos" option on the next window.

Recover Photos from Transcend SD Card - Select Recover Photos option

Fig I: Recover Photos

Step II: Select your Transcend SD card from a list of detected logical partitions, as shown in Fig II, and Click “Next”.

Recover Photos from Transcend SD Card  - List of Detected logical drives

Fig II: Select Transcend SD card

Step III: Select the file types to recover, as displayed in Fig III, and click “Next” to start the scanning process.

Recover Photos from Transcend SD Card  - Unique file signature search

Fig III: Select File Types to recover

Step IV: Upon accomplishment of scanning process, the software displays a list of recovered pictures, as shown in Fig IV. You can use “Preview” option to have a preview of recovered photo prior to restoration of files on a healthy partition.

Recover Photos from Transcend SD Card  - View Retrieved Pictures List

Fig IV: List of Recovered Pictures

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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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Download Photo Recovery software for Mac