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Recover photos that you have deleted, lost from your memory card. Photo Recovery software lets you rescue lost photos from flash memory cards



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Recover Photos from Memory Card

Photos are something that we keep very close to our hearts, because of the very fact that they would have captured some of the most precious moments of our lives. Losing even one of these photos would make us feel very bad, unless we have taken necessary precaution by keeping a backup copy of all the photos. If proper backup is not available, chances of loss of photos is high.


The fact that most of the digital cameras make use of flash memory cards for storage of the captured images makes the situation a little bit more complicated. These flash memory cards are made use of widely in cameras due to the ease with which they can be used to transfer photos between the camera and the PC & even to import photos to iPhoto library. Even SD cards like Transcend SD card can be used to store photos and if these SD cards gets corrupted, then we can recover pictures from transcend SD card with ease. You should make use of good photo recovery software to restore deleted photos from iPhoto library.


Sometimes, the photos in the memory card get lost due to formatting of the memory card or due to corruption of the memory card. This could lead to permanent loss of photos from the memory card if not dealt with in a professional manner. In the case of loss of data from memory cards, it is advised that you stop using the camera immediately and get yourself a good photo recovery software that can retrieve photos from Canon digital camera and all other digital cameras available in the market.
Photo Recovery Software (Windows) lets you recover lost or deleted photos of all well known formats from all types of flash memory cards. This Photo recovery tool also recover photos from SDHC card, CF Cards, IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, Memory Sticks, XD Cards, external Zip drives and even recover erased pictures from Transcend USB drive. This tool supports various memory card brands and can easily restore pictures from Kingston memory card along with other popular cards.


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You can follow the steps given below, to successfully recover all the lost/deleted photos from the digital camera.


Step 1: Remove the memory card from the camera, and connect it to a healthy PC where the software has already been installed.  Launch Photo Recovery Software (Windows), by selecting it from the Start Menu. The main window pops up as shown in Figure 1. Select the "Recover Photos" option from the main window as shown in Figure 1


Digital Media Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1. Main Window


Step 2: A new window gives you an option to choose between Fast Photo Recovery and Advanced Photo Recovery. Since photos need to be recovered from a memory card select the "Advanced Photo Recovery" option as shown in Figure 2.


Digital Media Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 2. Select Advanced Photo Recovery option


Step 3: On selecting the "Advanced Photo Recovery" option, a new window displays the detected physical and logical drives as shown in Figure 3. Select the memory card which is displayed as a logical drive from which photos need to be recovered, and click on "Next"


Digital Media Recovery - Select file type

Figure 3. Select Memory Card


Step 4: Once you click the "Next" button, you get an option to perform an additional search for files based on the unique signature of each file type. You can select a single or many file types based on your requirement. You can also choose to skip this process by selecting the "Skip" option as shown in Figure 4


Digital Media Recovery - Found files and folders

Figure 4. Select File Type


Step 5: Once you click the "Next" button, the software starts scanning the selected memory card. Once the software has finished the scanning process, it displays the recovered data. The recovered photos can be viewed using the File Type / Data View option as shown in Figure 5.


Digital Media Recovery - Preview

Figure 5. View Recovered Photos


Step 6: The recovered photos can be previewed using the "Preview" option as shown in Figure 6. You can use the "Save Recovery Session" option to save the scanned information. You can load this scanned information using the "Open Recovery Session" option once you have purchased the full version of the software to avoid rescanning the memory card again


Digital Media Recovery - Select Destination Drive

Figure 6. Preview Photos


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