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Recover JPG photos from devices, like USB, SD, Flash card, CF card, Hard Drive, iPod and FireWire drives.


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Recover JPEG, JPG photos

JPEG and JPG are two of the most widely used file formats for saving photos. Though usage of JPEG format for saving photos is lesser compared to that of JPG, photos present in both these file formats are made use of widely in many capture devices and applications for saving photos.


Technically speaking, there is no difference between JPEG and JPG. The only difference is with the extensions that these two file formats make use of, and the different platforms on which they are used. While JPG extension is used in Windows platform, JPEG extension is used in Mac.

The JPEG and JPG files can be stored in Android as well. If you have lost your photos from Android then you need recovery software supporting Android devices. Android recovery software is one of the reliable software which can restore photos from Android effectively. You can use this software on any Windows OS based computer and plug in the Android device to the computer to perform photo recovery.


Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPEG file format is by default made use of in most of the digital cameras for saving the photos. The JPEG file format is widely used in most low end digital cameras and is supported by most of the professional DSLR cameras as well. JPEG is the format used in Mac. When it comes to loss of photos or images, there is no difference between the different file types. Loss of photos can occur due to human error, virus attack, sabotage, malware etc.


In case of loss of image files, it is important to stay calm and not commit any silly mistakes that would lead to permanent loss of data. It is advised that you stop using the affected device, to prevent further damage, and making things even worse. It is recommended that you download a trustable photo recovery software capable of recovering JPG files, and using it to recover all the lost or deleted files. Photo Recovery Software (Mac) lets you recover these files with ease. It can retrieve deleted pictures from Transcend USB drive and also recover photos from SDHC card, MMC, XD card and CF card. It can even restore deleted images from iPhoto library lost due to accidental trashing of iPhoto library or damage in iPhoto database. The softwar can be used to recover raw NEF photos genereated from Nikon digital SLR cameras.


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You can follow the steps given below, to successfully recover all the lost/deleted photos from the digital camera.


Step 1: Remove the memory card from the camera, and connect it to a healthy PC where the software has already been installed. Launch Photo Recovery Software (Mac) by selecting it from the application folder. The main window pops up as shown in Figure a.


Photo Recovery Software - Home Screen

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: The local and the external drives that are detected, are displayed as shown in the figure. Select the hard drive that you connected as slave, and click the Next button to proceed to the next step, as shown in Figure b.


Select Source drive - Screens

Figure B: Select drive


Step 3: On clicking the Next button, a new window pops up, as shown Figure c. The various types of photo files, audio files, and video files are displayed, as shown in the figure below. You can select specifically, the file types you wish to recover, or select all the file types, if you wish to recover all the media files, based on your requirement.


Select file type - Screen

Figure c: Select file type


Note: By default, all the photo, audio and video files are selected for recovery. You can disable this feature, by clicking the Deselect all button.


Step 4: After selecting the file types, click the Recover button, to start the recovery process. Once the scanning process is completed,you can preview the restored photos as shown in the figure D.

Found files and folders - Screen

Figure D: Preview

Download Photo Recovery Software Buy Photo Recovery Software

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