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Recover accidentally deleted photos

Digital camera manufacturers around the world are offering better and more useful features to attract more customers towards their product. Digital cameras nowadays support huge storage capacity which extends up to several GB. This lets the user take unlimited number of photographs, making the digital camera a much sought after gadget not only for professional photographers but even amateur photographers.


No matter which make the camera is of, there is always a Delete button that exists on the camera, which can sometimes spell doom for the user. There are instances when the user accidentally presses the Delete All button, leading to deletion of all the photos in the camera. The user might also delete the photos after he has transferred them from the camera to the PC.

However, most cameras do offer a second chance to its users by providing a Restore button, which would restore the deleted photos to their original location in the camera. This would only be possible if the deletion has been done using the Delete button. In other cases, where the photo has been lost due to some other cause like software corruption of the camera, the requirement of a photo recovery software is a must which can recover photos from Canon digital camera.


Photo Recovery Software (Mac) is a comprehensive software for picture recovery  designed for Mac users, that lets you recover lost and deleted photos from Mac OS X and demands zero technical knowledge from the user for its usage can retrieve erased photos from iPhoto library used on Mac computers. The software has the ability to performrecovery of raw NEF images and various other photo formats generated by different types of digital cameras. It can recover pictures from SDHC card, MMC, XD card and CF card that provide removable memory for various computing devices. This powerful photo recovery tool lets you recover photos of over 25 different file types and recover erased pictures from Transcend USB drive.


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You can follow the steps given below, to successfully recover all the accidentally deleted photos from the digital camera or when you have emptied the Mac OS X trash after deletion.


Step 1: Remove the memory card from the camera, and connect it to a healthy PC where the software has already been installed. Launch Photo Recovery Software (Mac) by selecting it from the application folder. The main window pops up as shown in Figure a.


Photo Recovery Software - Home Screen

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: The local and the external drives that are detected, are displayed as shown in the figure. Select the hard drive that you connected as slave, and click the Next button to proceed to the next step, as shown in Figure b.


Select Source drive - Screens

Figure B: Select drive


Step 3: On clicking the Next button, a new window pops up, as shown Figure c. The various types of photo files, audio files, and video files are displayed, as shown in the figure below. You can select specifically, the file types you wish to recover, or select all the file types, if you wish to recover all the media files, based on your requirement.


Select file type - Screen

Figure c: Select file type


Note: By default, all the photo, audio and video files are selected for recovery. You can disable this feature, by clicking the Deselect all button.


Step 4: After selecting the file types, click the Recover button, to start the recovery process. Once the scanning process is completed,you can preview the restored photos as shown in the figure D.

Found files and folders - Screen

Figure D: Preview

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For Leopard (10.5) and
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