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Unable to bear the pain of losing photos from memory card!!!! You can get solution in this article……

Retrieve lost/deleted photos from corrupt memory card

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Recover Photos from Corrupted Memory Card

Memory card is a flash media storage device used to store photos and also other files like music, videos, texts, games, etc. used in camera, camcorders, game console, etc. & also allow transferring of files at a high rate. But one disadvantage with this memory card is that it cannot be saved from corruption. Like any other data torage devices it is also prone to corruption. Losing photos from memory card is nightmare if those photos are of great importance to you & so you cannot hold the pain of losing those pictures. Now, what to do???? Relax, don’t panic!!! Photos from memory card have not been gone forever from it and you can get back those files by using recovery software.

Photo recovery software is highly recomended by skilled professionals to rescue images from corrupted memory card. It is just that the allocation space is marked as free, to make the disk space free so that you can save new files. But adding new files in the card may overwrite your previous file & your possibility of getting back those files is almost zero even if you use recovery tool. So ensure that your card is not overwritten before performing the scanning process.

Facts that are responsible for corrupted Memory Card are discussed below:

  • If you pull out memory card while transferring files from memory card to all of a sudden then your files may get lost from the card.

  • Continuously using memory card for capturing new photos when the card is popping out with full memory message. Photo might of various file formats like JPG, JPEG, ONG, GIF, etc. Our recovery software can eaisly perform GIF, TIF, PNG, JPEG & JPG file recovery just in few clicks of your mouse.

  • Formatting memory card on computer rather than on  digital camera also result in data loss

  • Turning off the camera or pulling out the memory card when the camera is trying to save taken photos.

  • Memory Card may get affected with harmful viruses and as a result it damage its file system, due to which files becomes inaccessible.

  • Unintentional deletion of photos from memory card is the other main cause for loss of your precious images. However, you can use photo recovery in order to recover accidentally deleted pictures from camera memory card with ease.

  • Capturing images when camera is showing low battery message.

  • Sudden termination of the system or power surges while transferring files from memory card to your system.

Download Photo Recovery Software Buy Photo Recovery Software

If you come across any of these situations then you will lose images & also other files present in the memory card. Only question that is crawling up in your mind may be how to get back lost files. In all such cases, best solution is to use Photo Recovery software to recover photos from corrupted memory card. And, it also helps you to restore pictures from hard drive within a fraction of minute. It is wonderful software with a strong technique that performs the scanning program by using a key feature to restore lost files on the basis of the file signature. It is also capable of performing recovery program on various brands of memory cards like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Samsung, Lexar etc. It helps to recover files of different file formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF and PSD Other than memory cards, it can also recover pictures from SD card, SDHC card, XD card, CF card, MMC & memory stick. By clicking here you will get complete details about this tool. It also runs in Windows Operating System such as Windows 2008, 7, Vista, XP, etc. and Mac Machine like Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard.

Procedure to perform the process of photo recovery from memeory card:


Step 1:From the home screen select “Recover Photos” after launching the software progarm as shown in Figure.

Recover Photos from Corrupted Memory Card- Select Recover Photos option

Image 1: Recover Photos


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Step 2: Next, select either “Recover Lost Photos” to restore photos lost due to memory card corruption & then proceed to the next step.

Recover Photos from Corrupted Memory Card - Select corrupted memory card

Image 2: Select Memory Card


Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, the application displays recovered image files list, you can also view those files with the help of “Preview” option.

Recover Photos from Corrupted Memory Card - Recovered Photos

Image 3: Recovered Photos list

Download Photo Recovery Software Buy Photo Recovery Software

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